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It is paramount that you have a quality water supply that is fit for purpose. Universal Aqua not only specialise in borehole drilling but also design and build water treatment plants to suit your needs, whether it’s for agricultural, industrial or domestic purposes.

Our expertise ensures your water meets drinking water standards and is also tailored to your specific water quality requirements.

If you have an existing borehole that needs treatment, we will carry out laboratory water analysis to ensure that the treatment plant we design for you meets your requirements.

Well & Borehole Systems

With rising costs of municipally treated water many people are turning to wells, springs and boreholes for their household water supply.

Much of the time the water is of good quality and, being chlorine free, pleasant to taste. In other cases there can be problems, including staining, corrosion, murky unpleasant appearance, harmful bacteria and other problems. We manufacture a range of filtration solutions to ensure the high quality of your private water supply.

Treatment of private water supplies can be complex and not always rectified by what may seem the most obvious answer. The suitable equipment will vary according to levels of contaminants present, and the amount of water used.

We recommend that you obtain a water quality test report for your supply, which will help identify any issues that are essential to deal with and those you may wish to improve.

The most commonly treated problems are:

Our technical team will be pleased to look at your water test report (free of charge) so we can help you find the most efficient and cost effective solution from the wide range of equipment we have and assembled to deal with these problems. You can email us your test report for us to take a look for you, or please contact us on 0240781329 if you need any advice.