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Turbidity System

Turbidity filters are for use with potable water to reduce turbidity and produce clearer water.

It consists of a tall cylinder to allow good contact time, filled with an assortment of filtration media, fitted with an automatic backwash head so the unit can clean itself.

As water passes through the filter it collects dirt and sediment allowing the clean water back into the water system.  At set intervals, normally in the early hours of the morning when there is little or no water usage, the unit cleans itself to free the dirt within and flush it down the drain.  This leaves the filter clean and ready to begin collecting contaminants again the following day. 

Description         ABS lined cylinder 56" x 10"
                          3 cycle backwash valve
                          Drain hose 1.5 metres

Restricting          Pressure 20 to 125 psi
parameters         Cold water applications only
                          Must not be allowed to freeze.

Maintenance       Back washing to clean the media and remove 
                          contaminants is fully automatic.  At intervals a
                          full media change may be necessary.

Clay Removal

Clay is commonly found in drinking water supplies it causes problems because the ultra violet steriliser can't shine through the water as the clay blocks the light and prevents the bacteria from being treated. To remove clay from the water you will need an automatic backwashing turbidity filter. This filter will clean itself automatically when needed so it doesn’t get blocked. The unit you will need depends on your water and flow rate required.

Each system is designed to your specific requirements so please get in touch for exact pricing as it might not be as expensive as you think! Phone us on 0240781329