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PH Level Correction System

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Water with a pH lower than 7 is considered as acidic. A pH of 6 is ten times more acidic than that, and a pH of 5 is one hundred times that of 7, so there is a considerable increase in acidity with every point below neutral on the scale. It is not harmful to drink or bathe in, though a very low pH can have an aggravating effect on some peoples skin. The most common irritations are that it may leave a blue/green ring around baths and basins, cause discolouration to washing and sometimes adversely affect colour treated and blonde hair.

The main problem is the damage it can do to pipe work and water tanks, in particular the hot water tank, as the heating of the water makes it more aggressive. The water slowly eats away at the tank and eventually holes develop. If your piping is copper your water will have elevated copper levels which can lead to indirect health effects, and acidic water generally contains elevated levels of metals leached from underground deposits.

For this reason where pH is a problem the whole house should always be treated. It may also be necessary for the correct running of other filtration on the line e.g. Iron removal and UV units.

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This filter is designed to neutralize acidic water it will bring the pH up to 7.2 but no higher. This will prevent the acidic water damaging the copper plumbing in your house.

This pH raising filter is designed for water that is essentially good in quality but with a low pH.

As these filters are built at our workshops in Lapaz we can make them to nearly any size you have available. Please give us a call with your specific requirements.

The media dissolves as the water passes through it so will need topping up periodically depending on how much water you use and how low the pH is.


ABS Lined cylinder 52" x 10"
Dry weight 62 kgs
Fittings 3/4" BSP