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Nitrate Treatment System

Nitrates are a common problem in water, this is usually due to modern agricultural practices. The limit for drinking water is 50mg per litre of water, which is often exceeded. Nitrates in your water supply can be particularly harmful to young children and the elderly.

The way to know if you have nitrates in your water is to have your water tested. Nitrate removal is a straight forward process and the units are both simple and reliable.

We manufacture several different models of filters to combat nitrates. Dependent on application required nitrate removal systems can be designed to treat just your drinking water of whole house systems. We also manufacture larger units for commercial and industrial applications.

The units are designed to collect the nitrates from the water until the media in the cylinder can hold no more, the unit then cleans itself with an automatic backwashing valve that uses a salt solution to clean the media inside the vessel. The unit then flushes the collected nitrates to drain from the system then flushes the system and is ready to start the process again. As the filters clean automatically they are extremely low maintenance, you just have to remember to top up the salt when needed.