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Arsenic Removal Water Filter Systems

Why Is Arsenic In Drinking Water?

Arsenic forms naturally in rocks and soil. Arsenic also gets in the water from deposits from industrial and agricultural pollution and can easily contaminate your drinking water supply if you have a well, borehole or spring. When arsenic gets into the water supply it can be toxic. The Drinking Water Inspector (DWI) recommends no more than 10ugas/L (10 micro grams per liter) of arsenic can be in drinking water.

Health Effects of Arsenic in Drinking Water

Health effects from drinking water with arsenic in are dependent on how much arsenic is in the water and how long you have been drinking the water. Consuming arsenic over a long period of time has been linked to an increased lifetime risk of getting bladder, lung or skin cancer. Research is currently ongoing to link skin and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other cancers from consuming arsenic.

Remove arsenic from water

Heating or boiling your water will NOT remove arsenic from drinking water. When you boil water it evaporates this will leave a higher concentration of arsenic in the water. Chlorine or bleach disinfection will not remove arsenic from the drinking water.

Our Arsenic water filters contain ion exchange resin that removes arsenic from your drinking water. Some systems will have a auto cleaning backwash valves depending on the arsenic levels in the water. Arsenic removal filters are available in different sizes depending on the water usage and flow rates. Our arsenic removal water filters are specially designed for each application to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment system for you water.

Each system is tailor made as no applications are the same. We can manufacture the filter for   small domestic to large commercial applications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.