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Who We Are

Our Borehole Drilling and water Treatment Company in 2001. It is a family-run establishment and accredited and licensed borehole drilling  company and water treatment.

What We Offer You

Following a no-obligation discussion, we will conduct a free, research-based survey. Using hydro-geological maps and historical borehole drilling archives for your local area, we investigate your site’s geology and water supply.

A free site visit and indepth survey will then allow us to provide  you with selected point viable for sitting boreholes  for the full project which includes:

  • Borehole construction
  • Test pump and water laboratory analysis of your water
  • Visit to discuss your final plant design and costs based on your water analysis (if you want treatment or purification system installed)
  • Full installation and commissioning
  • Continued support and aftercare service.

Our expertise allows us to design and build you a tailor-made water treatment plant to ensure your specific water quality standards and drinking water standards are met.

All of our work is guaranteed.

To find out more about how a borehole can benefit you, please visit the drilling pages of our website.

Why Us

We have been providing complete turnkey borehole drilling and water well drilling packages for over 30 years. We offer peace of mind as our highly trained staff fully manage your project, from analysing your water quality requirements to drilling your borehole, through to switching on a clean and usable water supply. We have a proven track record of delivering a high-quality service on time and to budget.


Our team has a decade of experience in the drilling and water treatment industry. We are a small professional company that provides quality service.

We pride ourselves on delivering a safe, professional and cost effective service for any business or individual needs.


We are able to provide a complete process and plant management, operation, maintenance and call out service, both as part of a larger build and operate installation project, or on existing client assets. The service provides expert operation and management of wastewater treatment facilities, with a dedicated focus on optimisation of plant performance. This benefits our clients with demonstrable reduction of power and consumables, improved asset maintenance regimes, management of unplanned events and an efficient mechanism for future plant development and improvements.


The scope of the operation agreement can range from simply providing personnel to undertake day to day operational tasks, or to take responsibility for the supply of all consumables, maintenance and replacement of all equipment, and to deliver a quality controlled recycled water. Universal Aqua is happy to discuss your needs and to provide a delivery structure that most appropriately meets your requirements.

Alternatively we can provide support for operational activities with regular process management communications, a periodic review of the plant performance to provide an audit trail of best practice for the client, or offer proactive advice to avoid process problems.

Testing and commissioning

Development of robust systems and methods to efficiently take a project from construction completion, undertaking detailed testing of all equipment and instrumentation including all statutory requirements, through to commissioning, plant operation and beyond. universal Aqua proactively undertake factory tests of all control and interface software, electrical control panels and AMBR LE™ and RO skids. We provide a comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Manual, which also includes plant operation tools to ensure the client has a clear understanding of the process management and the operational parameters of the plant.



Design and project delivery

Universal Aqua's business is centred around process engineering design, implementation of solutions, and associated commissioning of plant and equipment. It is typical for us to provide a turnkey solution for clients where we would undertake both the design and installation of all elements of project work, including civil, mechanical, electrical and software engineering. The specification, selection, procurement and verification of equipment and instrumentation, and appropriate integration within an overall treatment solution is our preferred method of project delivery. We are experienced in successful project control and management.

Consultancy Advice and Support

Universal Aqua will assist you to determine the most appropriate use of your existing assets, and to plan for future investment to achieve any wastewater or water reuse objectives. A variety of services can be offered including, site surveys existing asset and performance review, concept designs and feasibility studies, sampling and analysis, bench scale or field pilot studies, and development of plant design briefs and detailed specifications. Plant design is supported by our ongoing research, development and plant optimisation. We can also assist in any discussions regarding consents with water companies, planning applications and discussions.

After Sales and Support



Process Management

  • Daily review of plant trends and telephone contact with the operator from Monday until Friday.
  • Provision of weekly reports providing a summary of plant operation and recommended plant management adjustments.
  • Telephone support for plant operators during normal office hours.
  • Additional out of hours support, visits to site, refresher training. We will assist with any operator queries or issues relating to the plant via telephone, e-mail or video conference support.

Monthly process review

  • Review of the plant operation every month.
  • Provision of report following each review providing summary of plant operation and recommended plant management adjustments.
  • Telephone support for plant operators during normal office hours.
  • Additional out of hours support, visits to site, refresher training.


The following additional services can be provided by Universal Aqua:

  • Site based process / plant review.
  • Software development or modifications.
  • Additional plant or process management training.
  • Membrane inspection / integrity testing.
  • Membrane cleaning.
  • Instrument set-up and calibration.
  • Analytical services.
  • Provision of spares / replacements.

Our Services


Before we install any filtration system for your private water supply we either need to see a recent water analysis (within one year), or we need to carry out a water sample. This is tested at Ghana Water Company or Council for Scientific and Industrial Research  Laboratory within 24 hours of the test being taken.  Read more....

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Water Chlorination


Rotten Egg Smell? Bad Taste?

This system includes high quality chemical dosing metering pump, solution tank and fittings. This system eliminate sulfur odor from your water. Kills coliform bacteria and iron bacteria. This system is safe and affordable means of disinfecting your water, though not the most affordable on the long run compared with UV sterilizer.  This system works for chlorine or peroxide.

Sediment Well Water Filter


Dirty Well Water? Need Well Water Purification?

Heavy-Duty Well Water Filtration System, Removes Sediment Down to 3 to 5 Micron and Clarifies Water! The Good news about this system is you have no need of any filter cartridge change.. We have them in different sizes, all on your water need and flow rate.

Water Softner


Hard Water? Looking for a Reliable Efficient Water Softener?

High quality salt-efficient water softener: eliminates or dramatically reduces white spotting on fixtures. Prevents scale and calcium build-up inside pipes, water heaters, fixtures, and appliances.Saves on laundry: clothes come out cleaner and softer without chemicals, bleach, or detergents. Clothing lasts longer!